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This Year Is Not Over! 


I know you came into the year 2020 with big financial goals. This year hadn’t started the way we wanted. BUT…don’t let the first half of this year dictate the remainder of this year concerning your financial goals. 


Some of you have taken big steps based on the uncertain times in which we find ourselves. Some have refinanced homes and cars with the low interest rates given by the banks these days. If you took advantage of these opportunities or intend to, the extra money you save is not to be wasted. The extra money should be redirected toward your future. Read that again.


Here are some ways you can redirect your newly found money:

  • Build your emergency savings

  • Pay down some debt that may have high interest rates

  • Save more for the long term, using employer sponsored plan or other long-term savings vehicles

  • Seek quality life insurance


These are just a few things you can do to solidify your pathway to a bright financial future. Use the rest of 2020 as your springboard for the next decade.

You can always connect with me at or learn more about The Financial T at

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I, Too

I, too, sing America.


I am the darker brother.

They send me to eat in the kitchen

When company comes,

But I laugh,

And eat well,

And grow strong.



I’ll be at the table

When company comes.

Nobody’ll dare

Say to me,

“Eat in the kitchen,”




They’ll see how beautiful I am

And be ashamed—


I, too, am America.

Written by Langston Hughes

Source: The Collected Works of Langston Hughes (Volume 1) Book Series.

The Poems: 1921-1940

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Januari is a second-generation real estate specialist and your go-to resource for all things Real Estate.  She acts both as a real estate broker and investor throughout the Greater DMV and has developed a thorough understanding of the various local markets. So whether your needs involve real estate investment, or purchasing or selling commercial and residential properties of any sort, Januari, and the strong team behind her, can make it happen for you.


In addition to real-estate, under her company Stepping With Leaders, Inc., Januari allocates a percentage of every commission earned through its real estate practice to funding the purchase of food and personal items to be distributed through existing and recognized food banks and community assistance organizations in the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area. During Covid-19 Januari has been seen in the community feeding the residents of the DMV, as well as supporting local farms and presenting a check to the Fredericksburg, Thurman Brisben Homeless Shelter. 


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