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By Veronica Reid of PWPerspective

September 21, 2020

I had the honor of interviewing Andrea Taylor, who is the owner of the company Elegant Scent.  Her company specializes in handmade soy candles, room sprays, and diffusers.  Here is our interview below:

PW Perspective: What was your inspiration for creating Elegant Scent?

Andrea: I started making candles last year in August. I was surfing the web on different DIY creations and I came across a candle making video. That was the start of the journey to make my first candle, then turning it into a hobby, and then turning it into an actual job for me. I have two daughters and back in 2017, I got pregnant. So with me being out of work since then, I was ready to get back into a full time job and I knew that with my husband being in the military, we move around so much, it’s hard to keep a steady job. So, with me starting a business, that would really help us financially and it’ll also show my daughters a new way of doing things with our family and generation in starting a business. So honestly, my daughters inspired me to be creative and show my creativeness through my candles.  This inspired me.  One of my brothers also owns a business. He owns a lawn care service so I wanted to create something that’s my own so that I could leave a legacy behind and pass my legacy on to my daughters. So all of those things…my family, my daughters, and wanting to be creative inspired me to make my first candle and I love candles.  I used to purchase Bath and Body Works candles, which are my favorite to this day, so they are my inspiration as well.

PW Perspective: What does it mean to be a business owner?

Andrea: To be a business owner to me means everything. In the beginning, it was a struggle because I knew how to make candles, but the business side of it is a bit tricky.  So, I had to learn about becoming a business owner. It takes a lot of strategy and planning to become a successful businessperson.  To learn how to build my brand and still building my brand, that all plays a part to becoming a successful businessperson. Also, definitely getting those connections with people because I just make candles but there are other people who do different business that can compliment my business. For me, having those connections and meeting new people, it also adds to my brand and becoming that successful businessperson. Learning how to be patient, wise, make decisions, and soaking up information like a sponge because there are so many ways to become successful at a business and I had to learn all of that. I have learned so much and all that plays a part into becoming successful.  I did a lot of research as well and so all of that helps in becoming a successful businessperson.

PW Perspective: How do you find balance between business and family?

Andrea: I try to keep my personal life personal and my business my business because with making candles. I love trying new scents and making new things to add to my business and it could take away from family time so I normally plan out time for my candle business and I also make time for my family, just like you would do with a regular job.  I need that break sometimes so I spend time with my family and my kids. With my husband, we can go out to the movies or go skating.  I normally try to keep time management in place when it comes to family and business.

PW Perspective: You’ve been able to connect with other upstart businesses as well within the local community.  How important is it to form partnerships for your business?

Andrea: It is very important.  I met your husband (PW Perspective Editor John Reid) at Trinitie’s Nutrition Loft and I met Tiffanie (Ware) through Instagram and I loved what she did as far as nutrition and health because I also think nutrition and health is very important.  She noticed that I had a small business making candles so she invited me to do a set up for her grand opening and she also invited me to her family and friends event before this and I was very thankful for that.  With her starting her new business and I’m a small business owner, I’m able to showcase what she does and vice versa and it opened up new business opportunities for both of us, so I think it’s very important. I love connecting with new people businesswise because I’ve been able to do private label and wholesale accounts by connecting with others.  I’m so grateful for that opportunity because with me starting in August of last year, I have been able to connect with people to do two wholesale accounts and two private label accounts and that is huge.  These people trusted me and that just opened up new doors and new opportunities.

PW Perspective: What would you say to other women who feel they are ready to branch into their own entrepreneurship?

Andrea: I would say go for it because if you’re going to do something, the time is now! There are so many women and men who during the pandemic have branched out and took a leap of faith to create something that was their own. I would say go for it because it will show you new things about yourself that you did not know.  It will take you to new heights that you didn’t know you could reach. When you challenge yourself, you can really learn more about yourself with wanting to become an entrepreneur.  It’s very stressful.  I stress about it at least two times a day but light one of my own candles, take some time for myself, relax, and clear my mind.  But becoming an entrepreneur has been one of the best things that has ever happened to me. It has inspired my husband and my youngest brother to want to start a business.  So with other people, it will inspire other people within their community to want to do the same because there are seeing their success and I think that’s awesome.


PW Perspective: How can people find out more about Elegant Scent?

Andrea: People can find out more by following me on social media. People can find me on Facebook and Instagram at Elegant Scent Candle Co, LLC. I also have a website at  I also have an Etsy account under homemade goods for those who like to shop on Etsy. On my website, all of my contact information is on there as well for anyone who wanted to do any type of work with me.

We want to thank Andrea at Elegant Scent Candle Co for this interview.  Please check out her company at the above website and social media platforms!

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