By Janet Johnson-Hutton of Peak Unlimited LLC

 February 22, 2020

When you hear someone say they are an entrepreneur what do you envision?

The fact that there is no steady paycheck attached? The high and lows of self employment?

The fact that person has to work endlessly?

The freedom to pursue one’s own vision?

Becoming a Business Leader and your own boss?

"Well I have thought about all those and more"


I am of the notion that we are all entrepreneurs, however, not all of us must pursue that avenue. We all take risks whether it be personally or professionally, but the way the world is made up many of us are not comfortable with taking risks, not many of us have what it takes to launch our own businesses and take control of our financial futures. Entrepreneurship is an emotional roller coaster.


There will be times weeks, months, or years where your business will not make a profit, you will have to get financial assistance from friends, families and or institutions. It can take months, years before making a profit and achieving financial success. Not everyone’s cut out for it. Not knowing where your next paycheck will be coming from. So ensure that you understand the cost involved with pursuing your passion. Yes your passion, passion is a vital key in determining whether or not you will take on the role of entrepreneurship.

An entrepreneur often plays many roles, they are considered “the head cook and bottle washers” as when starting out you may wear many hats, the human resource personnel, customer service rep; accountant, business development officer, administrative assistant, strategic planner, et al. There is always the opportunity to learn and grow within the process.


The Truth is...

Entrepreneurship is hard. I will note that personally, I would not give up being an entrepreneur.Because face it being an entrepreneur is both rewarding and risky, we make things happen, there is never a dull moment and creating a vision, developing and executing plans to bring your business to fruition while pursuing the necessary steps needed to make your business a success gives an incredible feeling of pride and joy.


Entrepreneurs are valuable contributors to the economy not only providing unique goods and services but also creating employment and advancing productivity.

Image by hannah grace
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