By Toya Jackson of Toya's Hair Designs

 April 28, 2020

"Invest in your hair, it's the crown you never take off." - Anonymous


Have you heard of the rice water hair treatment? The magic water treatment is a home remedy that promotes hair growth, rice is full of vitamins and nutrients which we extract by soaking rice in water for 24 hours. It will give you a cloudy water solution that is packed with power to help restore your natural shine, Strength and that will help your hair to grow.


RICE WATER TREATMENT – The Ultimate Protein Treatment


1 cup rice

1 jar or container for rice

1 spray bottle

1 essential oil


Rinse rice off from any unhealthy impurities, Cover rice with water and let sit for 24hr. Strain the water off the rice into your spray bottle add your oil, I like to use rose. Shake it up and spray on wet hair. You can let it stay in followed by your favorite leave in conditioner or you can rinse it out.  Apply your favorite hair moisturizer and style as desired.

*The smell is kind of bad but the longer you leave it in the more protein your hair gets!


Use rice up to 3 times.

Use every day for hair growth


Nice, Shiny, Healthy hair! Rice Water!

Healthy Hair
Image by hannah grace
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