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By Gary Holland, Pastor

 May 28, 2020

There’s a story from the Bible where a prophet went to a mountain to be before God. When God passed by the prophet, a strong wind, an earthquake that tore the rocks up and a fire passed by the prophet, but God wasn’t in the power of the wind or the earthquake or the fire!

I can imagine the guy sitting there wondering where was God! These mighty events took place right in front of the prophet. Things he couldn’t control and he couldn’t stop. These events drew his attention to them but that’s not where his attention should have been.

At a certain point, God spoke to the prophet in a still, small (quiet) voice. That’s what caught the prophet’s attention.

With all the noise surrounding us now (e.g. political craziness, racism, division, police brutality, COVID-19, loss of life, quarantine) it’s easy for our attention to be drawn to nothing but negativity. To be drawn to the wind, the earthquake and the fire! Be inspired today with the possibility that all of this stuff is occurring to put each of us in a place where we can clearly hear a whisper that places us on the path that our Creator has put us here for! That still, small voice may be a friend or a spouse challenging you to do something new! To start that business! To go back to school! To volunteer!

What we see occurring all around us could very well be what’s needed to position us for growth. It’s not always what you think family! Push aside the confusion, be present and you’ll hear the whisper that’s been smothered for far too long!

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