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By Evelyn Etienne of PW Perspective

 July 2, 2020

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This week’s featured artist is an incredible multi-talented woman. Liletta Harlem is an author, event coordinator, motivational speaker, Women’s Group Facilitator for Domestic Violence, television producer/host, and CEO and Founder of her own companies entitled Big Sis & Company, and Keep The Box, LLC

She strives to inspire other through her personal experiences and professional expertice. Liletta has received training in Crisis Counseling, Group Counseling, Psychology, and Domestic Violence Counseling. She continues to participate in various speaking engagements and hosts workshops. In addition, she spends time volunteering in the community by helping people enhance their lives through Bible study.

In 2009, Liletta hosted and produced the Local HIT TV show “Big Sis & Company – Focused on the Issues”, which ran for 3 years in Fairfax, Virginia and Baltimore, Maryland.  

She published her first book in April 2020 entitled “Celebrating A Legacy of Courage and Resolve”. She hopes this book encourages families to begin a dialogue with the women in their lives. She shares the harrowing experiences of her grandmother, mother, and aunt; after living through abuse, kidnapping, infidelity and more, their story will inspire you to create your own legacy of courage and resolve. (It’s available on Amazon for Kindle and paperback).


Available on Amazon

She is looking forward to publishing her second book, “I Can Fix My…” in August 2020. Here, Liletta opens up about her personal experiences with depression, relationships, therapy, and healing. She offers advice on how to break old toxic patterns and begin self-repair. 


Liletta's upcoming book " I Can Fix My..."

This June, Liletta began her Youtube series “Pivotal Moments,” an interview series with a diverse guest list. Each of them sharing pivotal moments from their personal or professional lives. “Pivotal Moments” focuses on the important choices that signify a major shift, how we adapt, and how we come out stronger.

Her company Keep the Box, LLC was established in 2018 and has been featured on Let’s Talk Live, D.C. News. Keep the Box, LLC creates custom designed “feel good” boxes for all of life’s interesting moments. Each box is thoughtfully crafted with encouraging messages adorning the outside and filled with comforting gifts on the inside.


The Encouragement Box produced by Keep The Box, LLC


Liletta Harlem presents Kim Coles with a custom box created by Keep The Box, LLC

We are blown away by the amazing work Liletta is doing. Her dedication and passion as an author, producer, CEO, and women’s advocate do not go unnoticed. We continue to support her journey and hope you will too. If you would like to view Liletta’s work, purchase a Keep the Box, get connected, or watch her Youtube series, check out the links below.


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