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 November 23, 2020

I hate the term Black girl magic

Now, before you roll your eyes

Try to see through mine

Magic is a temporary feet, a show

It is not permanent

So when the show is over so is the magic

I don’t want Sistahs to perform anymore

While others pull a rabbit out of their hat

We are pulling out degrees and we are still overlooked 

We have busted our behind in every category

Education, employment, personal development

Broken stereotypes and watched you try to build them back

Ran on track and for office

And the only thing you can come up with is magic

This ain’t magic

For so many Sistahs it’s depression using Maybelline for cover

De-press-ion has straightened more hair than grease yet we persist

Not all charcoal burns the same

Black burns ain’t recognized  

Saying we are magic strips us of our accomplishments

Speaking of magic, how do you keep making black women disappear

So many of us are missing

Is that the magic you speak of

Black girls have never been magical

We work twice as hard for less

You see Black girls are self-taught but we don’t go to magic school

Our DNA is not made of sparkles

If you see glitter residue know that is just us shedding some skin to make way for more greatness

Black girls ain’t magic

We are ancestral sunshine and black rain

We brighten up your day, while watering your soul

Don’t let all this light fool you

We dive deep into darkness to show this light

Our pain is not allowed so we hide it well

Is that the magic you speak of

The ability to look happy while struggling

We are not magical

We are strength personified, encapsulated with perseverance

We just want to be our own definition of whole

I’ve seen too many Sistahs working to elevate themselves

So, I cannot let you reword our efforts to make them effortless

Keep your salt, we only want seasoning

You can’t throw shade on Black women, we are used to sitting in it

You want to honor us

Say you’ve never seen someone so determined to get ready for a party they were never expected to attend

Then show up and be one of the most majestic people in the room

All while juggling haters and “She too much”, in her back pocket 

Say black women be warriors for tripling our preparation for a single job

Say we are paint brushes that don’t need to be dipped into paint to show color 

Magic don’t make masterpieces

We do



Image by hannah grace
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