By Ernisha Hall of NIRAY LLC

 April 28, 2020

"First Impressions, Are Lasting Impressions"

What is a logo?  Your logo represents your brand and is the identity of your business; it is the impression you will leave on potential clients. A logo will introduce the many facets of information, services or products that your business offers. Although a professional logo design seems secondary to making a profit or leaving an impression on others, I want you to remember the adage “First impressions, are lasting impressions.” Your logo design is the first step of developing an overall sustainable client relationship and it reveals the personality of your business.

1. Is your logo memorable?

Recognition is one of the major components of having a memorable brand. Your logo will become the face of your business, how you are remembered and recognized among your competition. A professionally designed logo has the power to help grow your client base, while also capturing the attention of a potential client. Your logo should convey a message regarding the quality of goods or services, and demonstrate that you have invested in the development of your business. 


A professionally designed logo conveys an emotion through fonts, colors, and imagery. For example, Sans serif fonts appeal to an older more mature generation because it has recognizable characters. Additionally, the excessive use of red in a logo will elicit an emotion, typically romance, anger, or power. The imagery you include should be representative of your target client and business. Your logo should be the catalyst to creating an emotional connection and long-term relationship with the client. Think about your favorite sneaker brand, restaurant, or online shopping platform, what is most memorable about their logo?

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2. Are you separated from the competition?

A unique logo can be captivating, intriguing and alluring to clients. Think about this, there may be several event planners in your city, but your business is committed to planning corporate events. A logo that is sleek, clean, simplistic and has no more than three colors will convey a professional and corporate message to potential clients. The voice of your logo has the power to communicate the tone of your company. Does your brand represent fun, family focused, professional or spiritual and speak to your target audience? Are you promoting fashion, developing technology, or creating art? With the combination of the right font, applicable imagery and relatable colors, your logo can separate you from the competition. Remember a unique logo does not mean it has to be so “different” that the message of your business gets lost.


What do these logos say about the brand? Can you determine their tone and the target audience?


3. What’s the message of Your Logo?

Essentially, the presentation of your logo should be on all of your digital and print marketing materials. It should be front and center on your website, printed on business cards, flyers, and name badges. If you do not have a professional logo, one that speaks to the quality of your brand, this can be a missed opportunity to leave a lasting impression. Businesses with a professional logo design are placed at a higher value because it shows the authenticity of your message, while also building trust with the consumer.

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Remember the time and money that you invest in your brand validates why others should invest in you. Investing in a professional logo is not only important, it is one of the best investments you will make, when building your brand.


If your business does not have a professional logo design, or you are presently thinking about rebranding, visit or search the VA Black Business Directory mobile app to find a logo design specialist near you.