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By Sarai Butler of Bags Stay Packed

January 2, 2021

Queen is such a fitting name for the owner of Royal Spa LLC, located in Fredericksburg, VA.  Royal Spa has been open and flourishing since 2018.  The owner previously worked at a fortune 500 insurance company.  But, during that career, she felt that her talents could be better used for healing people.  Her idea of healing was through touch, specifically massage therapy.  She left that insurance company and has been pursuing her healing work full -time ever since.  


Queen, initially, started doing massages for family and friends in the living room of her one bedroom apartment after work.  After leaving her career at the insurance company, she began doing massages in a rented room of a black owned nail salon. Royal Spa then moved to a salon suite.  Expanded to two salon suites.  And now, two years later, Royal Spa has a beautiful private location.  She experienced a lot of naysayers and people who did not support her dream of entrepreneurship, in the beginning.  The negative words and energy only fueled her to persevere. This has been a journey of truly building a business from the ground up.  


Besides massages, she has vaginal steaming, postoperative healing services, detox sauna blankets, body sculpting and more. Postoperative services are specific to those people who have had any kind of surgery.  It removes stiffness and toxins from the body by moving fluids to certain ducts during the healing process. The detox sauna blankets are weighted and equivalent to a one hour workout by using infrared light for 15, 20 or 30 mins.  The detox sauna blankets are great for joint pain and high blood pressure.  It can also be used to just relax.  


In addition to the host of services Royal Spa provides, they also offer holistic healing products. These products are used in conjunction with their healing services, as well.  A couple of their products are the Yoni Bliss Oil and the Yoni Pearls.  The Yoni Bliss Oil balances pH, keeps you fresh and fights against odor.  The Yoni Pearls are used as a vaginal detox.  All Royal Spa products are available on their website for shipping nationwide.


Before the one year anniversary of Royal Spa, the pandemic hit and most businesses, including all spas, were shut down.  However, Queen turned a situation that could have been detrimental to her business into an opportunity to revamp its focus.  She figured out creative ways to stay afloat.  Spa services were not considered essential, at the time, so she pivoted to marketing all the Royal Spa exclusive products. The products started flying off the shelves.  Once the spa reopened, they were slammed with appointments based solely on the quality of the products.  Body waxing was the biggest request, followed by facials.  The pandemic was uncharted territory but she stayed positive and kept the faith.  It has proven to be a critical part of the recipe for her successful and continuously growing business.


Let's manage your expectations for a moment with Royal Spa.  The customer service and the welcoming vibe is unmatched to any other spa.  Not only do they provide spa services, their driving force is to establish a genuine connection with each client.  Queen and her whole staff are doing what they love.  And when you do what you love, everything just flows mentally, spiritually and physically.  The goal is to have every client leave feeling like they have released any energy they do not wish to hold on to.  That intention, in and of itself, sets Royal Spa apart from all other spas.


Queen is a young, successful black woman business owner.  A boss in her own right.  Whatever comes Queen's way, she can overcome it.  Anything that happens, happens for a reason to make her stronger.  Queen's words of encouragement to others are to be fearless and to always believe that we all can win!

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