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By Danielle Nadler & Leah Fallon of Loudoun Shops Black

January 2, 2021

For as long as she can remember, Nicole Coleman has loved art. As a kid, she spent her time painting, drawing, and crafting. And as she grew older, she delved into sewing, baking, and cake decorating. That passion — and talent — for creating functional works of art led her to launch her own jewelry and fashion company in 2016.

Coleman says that she’s often the person her friends and family go to for help, advice, and encouragement. She loves that role, but just before she opened her business, she felt like it was time for her to invest some of that energy into her dream. She started spending time doing what she loves — creating jewelry and accessories.

She points to the Bible verse, in Psalms 1:2-3, about how one's focus and meditation directly influences the fruit they bear and how sowing seeds now can lead to a future with a fruitful harvest. That verse inspired her to name her company Sow Cole Creations.

“Sow Cole Creations was birthed not to just share my art with you, but to also invest into myself and talents while encouraging others to do the same,” she says. At first, her materials of choice were beads, wire, and leather. But the more she worked with the materials, the more she was drawn to just high-quality, luxury leather. “I’ve always loved leather,” she says. “Especially in unique and bold colors and textures.”

She felt like there was a hole in the market that her hand-crafted products could fill. And she was right.

Coleman, under the name Sow Cole Creations, is now known for creating unique designs out of vibrantly colored leather. Think bracelets of gathered leather in green, yellow, or cobalt blue. Or a leather coin purse in burnt orange, fuchsia, or pink — complete with bold rivets and a snap. Sow Cole’s earring and necklace selection incorporates wood and beads, but leather still takes center place in each piece. 

And just as Coleman takes special care with everything she creates, she takes just as much care in showcasing the work. For example, even the collection and accessory names hold special meaning. Her Full Bloom collection showcases luxury leather earrings, necklaces and bracelets that exude growth, development, and maturity. Her Subtle Dash line offers earrings, necklaces and bracelets in unique shapes that indicate fluidity and movement. Coleman's most recent collection, Triumph, celebrates being victorious in the midst of your challenges. The collection combines leather with wirework, artfully displaying the process of being versatile and dependable in the midst of uncertainty.

Coleman has found her niche and her love in making statement pieces that speak for themselves.

“I want to make accessories that reflect the wearer’s personality and who they are,” she says. “When they walk into a room, they shouldn’t have to speak — the piece speaks for them.” While she’s stayed focused on investing in her dream, Coleman does still offer encouragement and advice to others. Her best advice has become Sow Cole Creations’ tag line: “Be bold, be fun, be you!”

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Image by hannah grace
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