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By Gary Holland of #ENOUGH!

 June 10, 2020

They’ve always been there…

During the unrest in the Stafford, Fredericksburg, Spotsy region over the last two weeks…in fact, around the entire globe, there’s one question that many have asked themselves silently and are now beginning to voice openly…”where is the church?”

During the Civil Rights Era the church was certainly out front, along with young people demanding for change in the USA. In South Africa, the church was right there in the middle of the unrest that ultimately led to the dismantling of Apartheid.

It’s difficult to look around and not see someone that you expect to see when times are tough. That absence of presence can cause a person to become frustrated, feel abandoned and even judgmental. There’s a story in the Bible that describes a person getting up early and going out to only find that his camp was surrounded by an enemy army. The person was terrified and woke the prophet yelling, “what can we do!”. The prophet simply prayed and asked the Creator to open the man’s eyes. When that happened, the man saw that the area was full of horses and chariots of fire (angels!).

So during this time, we look out and we thousands, check that, millions of hurting, afraid and angry people with tough questions. We see millions of racist and prejudiced people and encounter hundreds of microaggressions on a regular basis…and we say, “where is the church?”.

Well, as you allow your eyes to be opened, you’ll understand that the church has always been there. The church has been present at every march, at every rally, at every conflict with law enforcement. In those crowds were men and women of faith. In those crowds were people that were praying. On those podiums were ministers and pastors that didn’t point out their titles because they were focusing on galvanizing the people. The church has always been there and will continue to be there. Just allow your eyes to be opened. As we come to this realization, prepare yourself to see the church take an active, visible, audible role in moving our country forward. A role of collaboration and connection with people. A role of unity across racial lines. A role much different than it’s typically played. The church is there folks! They’ve always been!


Image by hannah grace
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