By Jacqueline Conway of Jayes Heavenly Event Planner

 April 19, 2020

I remember when I was younger, I use to watch Pee-Wee's Playhouse. Yes, I loved that quirky kid's show.

One of the things they would do on the show was the secret word of the day and whenever someone would say that word everyone would scream. These days I feel like the secret word of the day is quarantine and I feel like screaming all day because it's all that's talked about on the news. Well today I want to give you four words along with some tips that I feel may be helpful to you in being more productive during this time of quarantine.


The first word is HEALTH. Now is the perfect time to start a healthy eating regiment by trying out and exploring with nutritional recipes.  Since we can't go to the gym, we can save money by working out at home or outside. We can also look for ways to enhance our mental and spiritual well-being by learning new things, challenging our minds, and by meditation.

The second word is OTHERS. We can show love and be supportive to others during this time. The best way to do this is to use our gifts and talents to help others however we can.  If you know how to sew you can make masks. If you are a good listener you can call up someone who may be lonely. We all have special abilities and we need to be sharing them with others.

The third word is PURIFY. This can be broken into two parts.  The first part is cleaning. We can use this time to clean up in our homes, our garages, our cars, and anywhere else that needs to be tidied up. The second part is de-cluttering. I know at one time or another we all have wished we had time to go through things in our home in order to get rid of stuff that we no longer need.  Maybe we have clothing we can box up to be taken to Good Will or to a shelter.  Declutter can also mean the de-cluttering of things in our mind.  This is the best time to work on ways of clearing our minds of negativity and concentrating on the positive by listing what we're grateful for and changing our perspective and our focus.

The final word is ENJOY. This is the most opportune time to enjoy personal moments and time with our families. We can take some personal time to maybe read a book, just reflect or write in a journal or work on a favorite hobby. We can spend time with family or friends that we are quarantined with by playing board games or video games. We can have conversations and spend more time in fellowship with our loved ones.  And let us not forget the wonderful technology that allows us to connect with our loved ones outside of our home such as Zoom, FaceTime and Video Conferencing.

In reflection of these words that I provided to you if you take the first letter of each word: Health, Others, Purify, and Enjoy you have the word HOPE. It's so important to have hope.  We need hope today more than ever. We need hope for this crisis to end, hope in our future, hope in our fellow man, but most importantly hope in our God. 

Image by hannah grace
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