By Michelle Riddick, Certified Wedding & Event Planner and CEO of Riddick Entertainment & Events

 April 28, 2020

Whether you are planning your wedding, anniversary or family reunion, you will need an event planner to help you execute the event. Most people think they cannot afford an event planner, but the questions is, can you afford to correct an amateurs mistake?


Saving Money

Event planners will SAVE you money. We are great negotiators when it comes to contracts and agreements. Searching high and low with our preferred vendors, we work to stay within your budget. One of the greatest benefits of hiring an event planner is our ability to be resourceful. If we are unable to find the exact service or item that is needed, great alternatives within your budget will be offered.

Details, Details, Details

There are so many details when you are planning an event. Have you considered the following:

  • What time are you setting up and breaking down?

  • Who is going to help with clean-up?

  • What time are all of your vendors scheduled to arrive?

  • Will everything be ready before the first guest walks in?

  • Who’s responsible for the RSVP’s, seating Chart, Etc?


Having your planner on the day of the event is essential. We will eliminate the stress and worry, allowing you to partake in a memorable event. The small details become our responsibility. An event planners solid timeline is designed to make sure your vision is executed properly on your important day. Behind the scenes your planner is diligently making sure everything runs smoothly from the time the first guest arrives, until the last vendor has left the venue.



The average event takes at least 50 hours to plan (depending on guest count) and we are not including event day. With the demands of work, a family, friends, and your social life, do you have the time to plan and execute an memorable event? The process is a never-ending series of phone calls, emails errands and more! Meetings and venue tours should also be considered, however with a planner, you are not alone and they invest time in taking care of your needs. Many of you are working during the day so when will you have time to plan this event?  


Be A Guest at Your Own Event

Investing in an event planner will allow for you to be a guest at your own event! Imagine making your grand entrance and being wowed by the presentation. As your event planner handles the details, you will have the ability to enjoy and mingle with your all of your guests. Dance the night away, without worry or concern. Your event planner will ensure you're the first one to be served food and beverage. And the greatest benefit of hiring a planner is at the end of your event you will walk out the door with a peace of mind knowing that your planner is there to facilitate break down, clean up and ensuring all of the vendors have exited the venue.

Michelle Riddick is also the Virginia State Manager for the Association of Bridal Consultants

Image by hannah grace
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