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By Aiz'sha Hanna of Yoni + Beyond

 September 8, 2020

Queen Aizsha Hanna is founder and CEO of Yoni + Beyond. She is dedicated and committed to empowering women through self- discovery, education, and cultivation.


Aizsha has acquired certifications in yoni steam, yoni eggs, reiki (love filled prayers of healing),  women empowerment, and tantra. Through her personal journey of awakening the Goddess within; Ai’zsha provides women with tools to empower their body with natural and organic products from her very own farm in Florida.

Research from ‘The United Nations Populations Fund’ tells us that women empowerment is essential for the success of both men, women, and society. In other words, the more empowered women are, the better the world around us becomes. As creators of life, our energy is contagious and infectious… allow it to be filled with peace, love and healing. Yoni and Beyond realizes this need and aids women on their journey of accomplishing that goal!

Proudly, each service and product is created and handmade by Aiz’sha. Not to mention, prayed over with love and healing in mind for each of you. Yoni and Beyond offers personalized in-person or online meditation services. These uplifting services are provided to awaken the pleasures, passions, peace and to affirm a connection with your inner Queen. 

So as you go through your daily life, be encouraged, be empowered and know that Yoni + Beyond is just a call away to uplift you on your journey.

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